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  • Build your dApps faster.
  • Easily onboard users via social, passwordless authentication.
  • Enable dApp user data sovereignty and privacy.
Arcana Auth

Arcana Auth

Easily plugin familiar, frictionless web3 user onboarding in your dApp.
  • Social authentication
  • Passwordless login
Delegate intricacies of key management to secure Arcana Auth.
  • Distributed key generation
  • Non-custodial key management
  • Standard Ethereum Provider Access

Arcana Store

Store dApp user data securely in Arcana's distributed Store for data sovereignty and privacy.
  • No single point of failure - each user data asset is split up and stored on multiple nodes.
  • Highly available - protected from geo-specific outages, disasters and hacks.
  • dApp developers control data storage region, storage usage and bandwidth limits per user.
Arcana Storage
Arcana Access

Arcana Access

Let dApp users control who can access their data.
  • Each user data file is uniquely associated with a DID.
  • File ownership and metadata access are managed on blockchain.
  • Only file owners can share, revoke, change file ownership or delete a file.

What's New

Passwordless Auth
Passwordless Auth

Passwordless Auth

Your dApp users no longer need to remember passwords! The passwordless auth feature enables dApp to send users a login link at a specified email ID of their choice. Upon clicking the link, user is automatically authenticated and logged in your dApp.


Your dApp users no longer need to manage blockchain keys for signing transactions! Arcana Auth securely manages distributed private key for every authenticated user and never exposes it. It provides standard Ethereum provider interface to safely sign transactions for storage operations.
Private NFTs
Private NFTs

Private NFTs

Your dApp users no longer need to worry about unauthorized data copies! Enable users to mint private NFTs powered by Arcana Storage and Auth. Users control who can actually view or access an NFT asset. They can list and sell NFT easily and securely by transferring NFT ownership.
For a complete list of what's new in our beta release, check our product release notes.

Features & Capabilities

A feature-packed SDK for secure storage, access, and authentication.
  • Social Auth: Login using social accounts
  • Passwordless Auth: Login using a link sent to your email
  • Auth also supported by Arcana web wallet
  • 3rd Party wallet auth: Support for authentication through third party wallets (MetaMask, WalletConnect)
  • Encrypt & Upload files
  • Download & Decrypt files
  • Associate metadata with each file
  • Pick your geographic region to store data
  • Share/revoke access to files & private NFTs
  • Transfer ownership of files & private NFTs
  • Configure the Arcana wallet to sign transactions in your dApp

Get Started

Resources to help you build apps with Arcana or find bugs.

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Use Cases


Store game assets and player profiles seamlessly. Selectively share data with other players.


Save metadata and assets through a DID link instead of centralised servers. Create private NFTs that can only be accessed by the NFT owner.

File Sharing

Securely store, share, and delete files. Decide who gets access and for how long. Track all actions on the file on-chain.


Give unique identity to users and data. Attach data that matters to them and selectively share them with an email ID or public address. Build identity based access permissions to access data.