Welcome to the Arcana Alpha Testnet

Quantum Descent

Developers, your $25k bounty in the unknown awaits from Nov 17th – Dec 17th, 2021.

Quantum Descent

The future of privacy is now! Quantum Descent has begun.
Get access to our SDK, explore use cases, and improve the Arcana Network.
A feature-packed SDK for secure storage, access, and authentication.


Allow users to sign up with social auth, frictionless UX


Define permissions and share data with others on-chain with just an email ID or public address


Remove access to shared data so they can no longer be downloaded and decrypted


Upload data with unique DIDs and add one or more users who can access it


Download data from DID links, verify permission, and decrypt data

Build dApps

Use Cases
Descend into the Arcana Quantum Verse. Build your decentralised applications with Arcana's storage & privacy stack.

Available Functionality

Identity and Access Management

Add seamless user authentication and key generation with social login. No MetaMask or wallet required.

Decentralised Storage

Store end-to-end encrypted data on a decentralized network.

End-to-End Encryption

Share encrypted data and define access policies through our DIDs. Access control helps share data with other apps and users, trust-free.

Non-custodial Key Management

Securely exchange, generate, and store keys that belong to users without having to trust a 3rd party.

Bug Bounty

Hunt Bugs
We're looking for Bounty Hunters to find bugs in our user interface, and test the functionalities of our SDK. If you're a developer with a knack for testing SDKs and APIs - participate in our Bug Bounty Program, from anywhere in the world. Win from a pool of 25,000 USDT in rewards. The bug bounty will begin on the 17th of November, and last for a 4 week timeframe. Signup on the Developer Dashboard, check out our documentation and get going! Before submitting your bug, you'll need to prepare the following:
  • Description of the bug
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Supporting material or references
  • Your Email ID, Telegram and Twitter handles